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Secure FortTheNet Internet Use

Starting at $12.95 per month
  • Phones, computers, tablets are all compatible
  • Just take one step and everything is downloaded
  • Filled with features
  • The VPN has complete backing from a team of customer supporters to answer any questions
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One step is all it needs to get started

A few clicks and everything is up and running

One blink and it’s loaded

A 1 Gbps network offer stunning connectionsBringing up a webpage is quick and easy.

Support for you, and on your schedule.

Call in anytime and a real human is there to answer questions and resolve issues

Every plan is for every person and can be customized as such

All that’s left for you to do is sign up!

Silver $ 12.95 /mth Rebills every month until canceled
One device
Fast Speed
5 GB bandwidth/Month
Gold $ 16.95 /mth Rebills every month until canceled
Two devices simultaneously
High Speed
10 GB bandwidth/Month


This FortTheNet is filled with several features that can increase your speed and security experience.

Twin layers of defense.

The major feature is that data is protected by two twin encryptions that work together to offer advanced protection.

Server power that’s speedy!

Smooth streaming and watching everything from sports to live streams are possible with the 1 Gbps network.

One step and it’s done!

One selection of settings and then security can be added to phones and tablets as well.

No logging at all

Unlike our competitors, none of your information is logged or shared with a third party, keeping everything secure and yours.

Detecting and reacting

When problems do have the potential to arise, the system identifies any hiccups in your connection and then cuts your internet connection until the problem is resolved.

One click and servers are yours

We’ve got a list of servers that are both close and far away and click here to find the closest one to you.

You might not want to buy our FortTheNet for any number of reasons, but the benefits of security far outweigh the cost.

Our FortTheNet is right for you!

Safety is our number one concern for all the users of the web. Our users can trust that we have the safety of those who use our products in mind.

Be stealthy and be truly invisible

Not too many people can say they are completely protected online unless they use FortTheNet with it enabled, the double encryption ensures that everything is safe from prying eyes.

Vacation, no problem!

Our FortTheNet isn’t restricted to just personal computers in the home network. A few quick taps can ensure that it is available through a server close to where you are. Then all the benefits come flooding back in.

Nothing’s holding you back!

Worldwide servers ensure that the VPN can be on your devices as a constant companion, no matter where you go.

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